BELAY – is a Max for Live delay effect with a sound design approach that explores the versatility of delay and feedback manipulation. The device allows a wide range of effects. From simple FM, pitchshift and resonator effects to complex grain delays and heavy feedback drones.

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Main Features

Delay time spread and reverse

Dynamic Feedback distortion and stereo routing

Dynamic Feedback distortion and stereo routing

Dynamic LFO shapes with stereo spread and smoothing

Frequency Modulation (FM)

Pitch shift and pitch randomization

Window Manipulation

Simple shelf filter

Morph filter with dynamic routing

The base structure of the device is based on windowing. Windowing means that the delayed signal is broken down into grains that are overlapped and crossfaded to maintain continuous transitions. This technique allows dynamic modulations of the delay time without affecting the pitch and effects such as real-time pitch shifting, reverse and grain delay. The extensive LFO section gives the possibility to heavily modulate the delay time and create complex sonic results. Dynamic stereo routing and distortion inside the feedback chain coupled with a shelving filter and a morph filter allows you to further drastically shape the sound.

– Max for Live device for Ableton Live Suite 10 and 11 only –